$7 million donation will fund Buchanan H.S. scholarships

7 million

The largest ever charitable contribution in the history of the Buchanan community will be used to send more kids to college.

A $7 million gift will fund a scholarship program called the Buchanan Promise.

The program promises to contribute up to $10,000 per student to pay the college costs of a Buchanan high school graduate.

“College doesn’t get cheaper every year it gets more expensive so we think this is going to be a big help especially for families who college may not have been on their radar at all this is going to let them consider it,” said Rob Habicht of the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation.

“A lot of your other scholarships are tied to GPA’s, grade point averages and this, if you walk out with a diploma, you’re eligible, it’s pretty open ended which I think is huge for a lot of our families,” said Buchanan School Superintendent Dr. Andrea van der Laan.

The donation comes from the estate of Walter Schirmer, a 1954 graduate of Buchanan High and the son of a CEO at Clark Equipment.

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