Cancer researchers study the cause to find a cure


nnovative and integrated research is how one organization says they’re going to find a cure for cancer.

Part of the philosophy at Harper Cancer Research Institute is to bring bright minds together to discuss new ways to tackle the complex disease of Cancer.

On Monday, Researchers from Notre Dame and Indiana University School of Medicine came together to present their findings for institute’s fifth annual ‘Research Day.’

Around 80 students displayed their poster board presentations. Anyone who submitted could present their work as long as they were doing cancer research on campus.

They came with diverse backgrounds in engineering all the way to the mathematics and included undergrads all the way up to doctoral students.

Research Day is about celebrating and sharing the knowledge the students gained from months and even years of cancer research to better understand what the cause is and how they can cure it.

Students presented their work to judges who looked for innovation and how well the students explain and understand their research.

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