Cass County daughter testifies about father’s cold case murder


She was only two years old when her father was shot and killed in 1977, but today Stephanie Stasiak testified against his accused killer.

Stasiak talked about a phone conversation she had in 1993 in which a cousin allegedly confessed to the shooting death of her father, 25 year old Robert Stasiak.

“Did he tell you how he shot your father?” asked Deputy Cass County Prosecutor Tiffiny Vohwinkle. To which Stephanie Stasiak replied, “not how, but why.”

When pressed for details, Stasiak says “they had gotten into a fight and my dad had gotten rid of some of his drugs.”

Probable cause documents alleged that 25 year old Robert Stasiak flushed his cousin’s marijuana down the toilet –sparking a fatal confrontation.

A judge today found that there was probable cause to bring the cousin—56 year old Raymond Richmond to trial, despite the fact that Stephanie Stasiak remembered little else about the phone call, such as who initiated it, and what time of day it took place. Stasiak also admitted that the phone call marked the first time she had ever talked with Raymond Richmond.

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