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Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 packs revamped cameras plus bigger, brighter screens

Samsung just added major fuel to the ongoing battle for the best smartphone camera. The South Korean tech giant on Sunday unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ at Mobile… Read more »

Teen Developing App To Prevent Police Brutality

Look out Silicon Valley, here comes a young, Black tech entrepreneur focused on using technology to change how the world views race. Black Enterprise spoke with 17-year-old George Hofstetter, who is working… Read more »

South Bend to host international Studebaker gathering

This week, Studebaker owners from around the world are traveling to South Bend, the very place where their classic cars were built. This year’s international meet is happening at a… Read more »

The display looks cool, but the White Ceramic finish looks even better

Probably the best feature about the iPhone Edition concept is the gorgeous White Ceramic version. Apple only uses the White Ceramic finish on the Apple Watch Edition, but how fitting… Read more »

Cost of convenience: Are smart devices in your home taking away from your privacy?

INDIANAPOLIS – Lauren Radziminski’s newest family addition didn’t come wrapped in blankets. Instead, Alexa came packaged in a box. “I honestly cannot imagine not having one now,” Radziminski said, the… Read more »

One cool feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 makes me really excited for the iPhone 8

Even turned off, there’s no denying it: The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most beautiful phone on the market. And once you power it on, you’re treated to the Galaxy’s… Read more »

iPhone 8 Photo ‘Leak’ Hints at Major Update

Apple is widely rumored to be working on a major overhaul of the iPhone, on the 10nth anniversary of its introduction into the marketplace. New photos purportedly showing the upcoming… Read more »

Safety apps for your phone

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR) – Safety apps are in the local spotlight after two attempted abductions at Indiana University. IU Police are investigating after female students say they were nearly forced… Read more »

Apple may relocate the iPhone 8 fingerprint reader

The photo was published to Twitter by blogger Sonny Dickson, who has published accurate information about past iPhones, including pictures of new models before they came out.   The rendering… Read more »

Apple is having trouble getting the iPhone 8’s signature feature to actually work

The iPhone 8’s signature design feature will be a bezeless display extending from edge to edge. That means there’s no room for a physical home button on the device, so… Read more »