Customers, workers forced to bundle up inside Circle Centre Mall because of extreme cold

INDIANAPOLIS — If you’re planning on making a trip over to Circle Centre Mall anytime soon you may want to make sure you’re bundled up tight.

It’s gotten so cold that workers say they’ve started a petition to close the mall and do something about the heat.

Workers say it’s been so cold inside the mall since the temperatures began dropping that they’ve had to wear their winter coats while working.

RTV6’s Graham Hunter took a quick lap around the mall with a temperature gauge which showed the temperature inside the mall at roughly 47 degrees in several locations – and while that is above freezing – it still makes for some uncomfortably cold working conditions.

As you walk further into the mall it does get warmer, but only by a few degrees. Our temperature gauge registered about 55 degrees in the center of the mall.

More than 60 workers have already signed a petition to close the mall, saying it’s not suitable for people to be working or shopping at the extreme cold temperatures.

“We was asking for the employees to be sent home and for something to be done about the heat because if they sent us home today what about tomorrow? We gonna come back into the same conditions,” said Daniel McMillian.

Simon Properties, which manages the Circle Centre Mall, released an updated statement on the cold temperatures Wednesday morning.

“As a result of yesterday’s extreme weather conditions, there were some lower temperatures in the common areas of Circle Centre Mall. This is typical to what we have experienced before in similar winter conditions. Spot heaters were delivered last night to address the issue. The mall anticipates normal operating hours on Wednesday. During extreme weather conditions we don’t require stores to stay open and if a particular retailer decides to close we of course will honor that decision.”

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