Defense claims mom’s murder confession was psychologically forced



SOUTH BEND – A forced confession is behind the murder charge against a Michiana mom on trial for killing her 11-month-old son: At least that’s what jurors were told during opening statements made in court today.

The defense went so far as to suggest that the interrogation of 22-year-old Nyesha Crockett displayed the “earmarks of sexual harassment.”

In August of 2014, Crockett discovered her 11 month old son Micahyah wasn’t breathing so she called 911—but when she got to the hospital she was told she couldn’t see the boy until she gave a statement to police.

While the defense said she wasn’t “water boarded or beaten” jurors were told that Crockett was in a “frantic and terrible” state of mind, and through psychological tactics was convinced by police to confess to things she didn’t do–to get to the side of her dying child.

For instance, jurors heard that after Crockett confessed that she “dropped, hit and kicked” the baby, the detective on the case later learned there were no bruises on the boy’s body to back that up.

It’s alleged that police then went back to Crockett and convinced her to confess that she choked Micahyah.

What Crockett allegedly told police is one thing—explaining what she supposedly texted to the father of the boy on the night in question is another.

Crockett’s attorney admitted one message read something along the lines of, “if you don’t love your son, I think I’ll throw him in a dumpster.”

Micahyah’s grandmother was the first witness to testify. The last full day of the boy’s life was spent at her home. She said Micahyah was crawling and climbing up on stuff for much of the day, although at one point, she said he did bump his head when he was struck by a door that was being opening.

The grandmother testified that Micahyah wasn’t bruised or bleeding afterward, she knew enough to let a baby sleep after a “head bump.”

Micahyan was kept awake until his mother came to the home at about 8:30 p.m. but testimony indicates the mother was never told about the head bump incident before she took the child into a back bedroom to sleep.

At about 11:00 p.m. Nyesha Crockett came out screaming “ I can’t do this anymore.”

The grandmother then went to the bedroom to find the boy was blue. The grandmother performed CPR, but said she got no pulse, no breathing, “no nothing.”

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