Ex-girlfriend talks about Muncie bomb suspect Lionel Mackey


MUNCIE, Ind.  – A Muncie mother says the same man charged with trying to blow up his ex-girlfriend Thursday also tried to kill her and her children.

When the bomb plot was unfolding, Geneva Huxhold was right around the corner. When she saw on WTHR.com the face of the suspect police arrested, she learned she was even closer to the story than she thought.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God. He almost killed children this time. And another woman’,” Huxhold said.

“He’s got to be stopped he’s a monster,” she continued.

Huxhold dated Lionel Mackey for roughly a month. When he became violent and controlling, she says she broke it off. Like Margie Wolford, the Muncie woman who Mackey allegedly targeted with a bomb Thursday, Huxhold says she was also targeted. About four years ago when she threw him out of her mobile home, Huxhold says, “That evening, that’s when he told me, ‘I’ll burn you, bitch, and your kids in this trailer’.”

She says Mackey used his truck to block the trailer’s back door and barred the front shut.

“He pulled the wires off the back of the trailer and was touching them together saying, ‘You’re going to burn. You’re going to burn’.”

She called police and Mackey took off. But she says later, he told police Huxhold assaulted him. When police came to her house to investigate, Huxhold says “it scared my kids to death watching me have my head shoved on the floor by these cops handcuffing me because I was fighting back, I didn’t understand why I was being arrested.”

But surveillance video showed she was at work at the time Mackey said he was hurt. Another time when she lived along a county road, she says he threw rocks at her from his car.

“He was screaming out, ‘I love you. You will be with me’,” she said.

And once, when he saw another ex in a store parking lot, “He was like, ‘If I can’t have you and I can’t have her, I’ll kill you all.’ I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? You got to stop’.”

She says he tried to control the way she dressed, and wore her hair and make up, which she says should serve as a warning to other women.

“Honestly, he needs to be thrown under the prison and the key just swallowed. Not tossed, swallowed,” Huxhold said.

“Now I think I was so stupid to put me and my kids in harm’s way. That could’ve been us dying in a fire in a trailer from him being so reckless,” she added.

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