Florida homeowner finds alligator in pool

SARASOTA COUNTY, Florida (WTHR) – A homeowner made a startling discovery Friday night in the backyard pool – an alligator.

The gator apparently slithered in the pool’s screen enclosure and was floating in the in-ground swimming pool.

Sheriff’s deputies called in a trapper to remove the 11-foot gator.


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2 Responses

  1. First off, I admire Dressel”s loyalty. He remained loyal to Clay High School and stayed in-state at Florida. As a Gator, Caeleb proved himself in and out of the pool each year and was rewarded senior year with SEC Championship swims in his non-traditional events. A month ago, who would have included Dressel in Breast and IM conversations? My personal hope is that he takes on a Phelpsian individual event schedule at international meets. Take on the world in 4 disciplines (3 + IM). Let the world see what Superman looks like. No doubt Dressel will amass scores of relay medals over the next decade, but his place in swim history will ultimately be measured in individual wins and the diversity of his game. To compete with the legend of Phelps, Dressel will need to be both ambitious and experimental. Taking on the 200 IM internationally is the first step. Adding 100 meters to his Free and Fly have to be part of the equation. And if he can slip in a breast gold one day..we may have a new legend.

  2. Thanks, friend 🙂 one day, perhaps!