Former Indiana sheriff’s deputy arrested, accused of dealing drugs

MARTIN COUNTY, Ind. – A former Martin County sheriff’s deputy is facing drug dealing charges.

Indiana State Police say 33-year-old Danny R. Salmon of Shoals was arrested over the weekend on an outstanding warrant for dealing schedule II and IV controlled substances.

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2 Responses

  1. We have a great sheriff in our county in SE Ohio. However, a deputy on patrol is usually 45 minutes from our farm and all he/she could do is draw a chalk line around the body. The sheriff encourages the citizens of this county to arm themselves and he will “back you up if you have to shoot an intruder. He said this on TV during an interview about house break-ins occurring in the area. (Interestingly, the break-ins stopped soon after this announcement! I guess the bad guys didn”t want to face a homeowner with a loaded gun.) I can not imagine the anger of the parents of these kids. How dare that sheriff brag on himself when his deputies hid behind a car door! Cowards! Bastards! Shame on the sheeple who elected this man! We carry everyday. On the farm and away. Sidearms, rifles, shotguns. best custom essay

  2. Thank you so much Jessi!! have a nice day