Global computer glitch grounds Delta flights


The week is off to a bad start for Delta passengers.

The airline said Monday on its official Twitter account that all flights are grounded because of a global computer system outage.

“Our systems are down everywhere,” it tweeted in response to disgruntled customers. “Hopefully it won’t be much longer.”

Passengers on Twitter reported problems — including the inability to check in or being stuck on the tarmac — from airports around the world, including San Francisco and Athens.

Delta is telling its passengers to check the status of their flights while the situation is being addressed. The airline offered the following update Monday:

Delta has published a waiver for customers traveling on Aug. 8 through Aug. 12.

A power outage in Atlanta, which began at approximately 2:30 a.m. ET, has impacted Delta computer systems and operations worldwide, resulting in flight delays. Large-scale cancellations are expected today. All flights enroute are operating normally. We are aware that flight status systems, including airport screens, are incorrectly showing flights on time. We apologize to customers who are affected by this issue, and our teams are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Updates will be available on

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