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It was 12:15 a.m. on Thursday night/Friday morning.

Demetrius Jackson smiles for a photo with his support system–which includes his biological and foster families.

A half hour had passed since Demetrius Jackson’s long night finally came to an end and his dream came true as he heard his name called with the 45th overall pick in the NBA Draft by the Boston Celtics.

Jackson waited a lot longer than many expected. He was projected as a late 1st round selection. He fell as into the middle of the 2nd round.

But at 12:15 in the morning Jackson met with the local media. He could have said, ‘it’s late, I’m tired” and not many would be able to blame him. He didn’t do that. He was smiling, excited to finally be able to say he was an NBA player.

“Definitely a long wait but thankful and happy for the opportunity to continue to do what I love to do,” Jackson said when asked what was going through his mind. “It’s been my dream to play. I’m happy to play. I’m going to have a great coach. I knew coach [Brad Stevens] when he was at Butler and extra motivation for a chip on my shoulder like I’ve always had.”

Jackson watched the draft privately with family and friends at Notre Dame. The group included both his biological and foster families. That support system is why Jackson says the night wasn’t nerve racking for him.

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