How long will the new Trump stick around?

President Donald Trump got rave reviews for his disciplined, restrained first address before Congress, but a pressing question looms — can this Trump last?

There are signs Trump and his aides are proactively trying to keep the good vibes going. They yanked the rollout of a new executive order on Trump’s controversial travel ban that sparked mass protests across the nation. Vice President Mike Pence was trotted out on the morning shows to deliver his ever-on-message talking points – even saying Trump’s speech was “all him,” even though many of his aides had a heavy hand in its crafting. And Trump himself was banal on Twitter, simply writing “THANK YOU” on Wednesday morning.

But there are real doubts Trump can stick to his pledge on Tuesday night that the “time for trivial fights is behind us,” and Democrats were eager to claim the presidential figure appearing in the well of the House was a phony.

“This president’s speech matters a lot less than the speeches of just about any other president because they’re detached from his reality. He talks one way and does another,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on CNN Wednesday morning, adding on ABC that Trump “talks to the working folks of America, they were his main constituency, but the way he’s governed has been totally with the hard right special interests against the working people.”

Trump on Tuesday night showed off a new persona — sharper suit, trimmer hair, less “American carnage” and more talk of “the hopes that stir our souls.” While vague on policy points, he still delivered a focused message of GOP priorities on tax reform, rebuilding the military, creating jobs, and repealing and replacing Obamacare. Gone was the Trump of two Thursdays ago when he spent 80 minutes railing against the “dishonest media” in a freewheeling press conference that was seen by some as racially insensitive.

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