Indiana bicentennial torch makes its way through Elkhart County


Tuesday it was Elkhart County’s turn to celebrate the 200th birthday of the Hoosier State.

The bicentennial torch was brought from Lagrange County to its starting place in Middlebury Tuesday morning.

The torch is being carried by over fifty people in all sorts of vehicles to make it around the county in just five and a half hours.

Each one of the torchbearers was chosen by their community. Not just to carry the torch, but to carry what their community stands for.

This is just one step of the journey as the torch makes its way home to Indianapolis

“Our state is celebrating its bicentennial, which means what boys and girls?” Lara Palmer asked her 3rd grade class.

“Two hundred!” They screamed back.

To celebrate those two hundred years, Indiana’s giant birthday candle was lit, passed, and transported through five communities over 52 miles.

“Someone will pass it to me and then I’m going to drive about 3.6 Miles and then I will pass it on to someone else.” Torchbearer Lori Snyder said.

Most torchbearers prefer a vehicle to get them from one leg to the next, but Mark Mikel decided to go from leg to leg using his own two legs.
He was nominated to carry the torch after putting in work to honor a daughter who passed away in 2004.

“That’s another reason why running today was important to me.” Mikel said. “I love the sport, but also kind of carrying Kelsey’s spirit with me like we do on Thanksgiving.”

The man from the family behind the “thankful four” created the foundation in Kelsey’s memory.

It helps students, just like those who came out to watch him and the other bearers carry the torch.

That torch is also leading the students and other Hoosiers toward making the next century even better.

Mark newman- executive director indiana office of tourism development
“This isn’t just the beginning of something fantastic,” Executive Director of the Indiana Office of Tourism Development said. “This is the start of something that will last for many, many decades and centuries to come.”

The torch headed to Marshall county Tuesday night. It will be in St. Joe County this Saturday with the long journey ending in Indy on October 15th.

The carried torch is supposed to trigger the lighting of a new piece of artwork that looks like a torch in the capital. That way the bicentennial flame can live on forever in Indianapolis.

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