Indiana lawmakers continue to back Trump


Indiana’s governor continues to back presidential nominee Donald Trump, but other lawmakers are rejecting some of Trump’s comments.

Indiana’s republican delegation is on the record saying they’d support the party’s nominee, as of this week, they’re not changing their minds.

One Michigan congressman says Trump’s words from more than 10 years ago are exactly why he didn’t get on board with the “Make America Great Again” slogan.

A crude conversation from 11 years ago appears be overshadowing Donald Trump’s Sunday night debate performance.

“This was locker room talk,” Trump said.

Trump addressed the words he used describing women to Billy Bush in 2005 during Sunday night’s town hall debate.

“And I was embarrassed by it, but I have tremendous respect for women,” Trump said.

“I was offended by his comments, and urged him to show his heart to the American people Sunday night and I think he did that,” Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said.

Indiana lawmakers Dan Coats and Jackie Walorski both promised to support the party’s White House nominee and appear to be keeping that pledge.

In a statement sent out this weekend, Walorski said, “These vile comments are demeaning and indefensible. It is never appropriate to use such offensive language toward women, anywhere or anytime.”

Senator Coats says, “Donald Trump’s vulgar comments are totally inappropriate and disgusting, and these words have no place in our society. We must affirm that women deserve respect and honor.”

Meanwhile, Michigan congressman Fred Upton has not endorsed Trump and joined a handful of GOP lawmakers saying, “These degrading and dangerous comments are utterly indefensible. I chose early on not to endorse due to his previous off-track comments, and this only confirms that decision. It’s a new low…it’s outrageous. As a husband and father, I feel angry and sickened.

Those running for the office of the president are rightfully held to a higher standard.

These latest transgressions are so grave…I urge him to think about our country over his own candidacy and carefully consider stepping aside from the ticket.”

But Gov. Pence, who’s campaigning on the east coast this week, says he’s not leaving Trump’s side.

“He fought back and turned the focus to the choice that we face and I’m proud to stand with Donald Trump,” Gov. Pence said.

According to an NBC News survey, which asked around 23,000 people, around 59 percent of people answered “No” when asked if trump should drop out of the race because of his comments.

When asked their opinion of how much Donald Trump respects women, 21 percent said, “A lot”, 22 percent said, “Some”, 16 percent “Not much” and 40 percent answered “Not at all”.

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