Indiana State Police opens recruitment window, 2500 expected to apply

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – 2500 men and women are expected to apply between now and end of February to be part of the next Indiana State Police Recruit class.

Roughly 65 recruits, about 2.5% of all the applicants, are expected to make the cut and by the end of the 24-week long session that begins next July, ten of them are expected to drop out.

Troopers like to consider themselves an elite group of law enforcement professionals trained and trusted to patrol Indiana highways, backroads, small towns and urban environments.

“This is one of those jobs that you gotta love what you do and there’s a lot of folks in the state that want to be a trooper,” said Sgt. Roosevelt Williams. “We’re trained to be that solo patrol. That’s partially credited to our selection process to make sure we get quality candidates that can make independent decisions.”

Recruits undergo more than a thousand hours of training at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield.

“The academy is one of the toughest things I’ve ever gone through, even more so than military basic training,” said Trooper Arturo Azcona who patrols Indianapolis’ westside. “You go through criminal law, traffic law, and they teach you how to shoot, drive, fight, basically they want you to come out of the academy knowing you can go home to your family at night.”

It took Probationary Trooper Chris Ridgeway an extra year to secure his wife’s agreement for his application to the 77th ISP recruit class.

He graduated in October.

“I watched videos, I talked to troopers, I learned as much as I could about the State Police,” said Ridgeway, the grandson of a Kokomo policeman, who has advice for potential recruits. “Just stay in shape. Its not an easy academy. Just stay in shape and I would say try to do some ridealongs, try to get to know more.”

There are approximately 1200 Indiana State Troopers.

A recent salary hike approved by the General Assembly may convince only a dozen or so to retire in the coming year while raising recruit salaries to $42,000 annually, bumping up to $52,000 a year after 12 months solo on the road.

“We are the state police,” said Azcona. “We represent the state of Indiana.”

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