Is He Or Isn’t He? Is Jussie Smollett Leaving ‘Empire?’ [WATCH]

Host Chrissy Teigen and “Empire” recording artist Jussie Smollett read the finalists for the “2015 Billboard Music Awards" at Twitter in Santa Monica. Featuring: Jussie Smollett Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 07 Apr 2015 Credit: Brian To/

CHICAGO – Things did not go well for Jamal Lyon this week on Empire and whenJussie Smollett sent a tweet early Thursday that appeared he would be leaving the Fox drama, the fate of his character seemed all but sealed.

In Wednesday’s cliffhanger, Smollett’s character was shot by Freda (who was aiming at Lucious) and rushed into surgery.

However, reported Thursday that Smollett is not leaving the show because he’s still under contract.

Also, look no further than the episode description for next week’s season finale, when Jamal has a “life-changing experience” that causes him to suspend his music career.

So we guess this tweet was just to hype the season finale?


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