Lots of rumors, and then silence: The Pacers stand pat at the trade deadline

Now it’s up to them. Now it’s up to the Pacers’ coaches and the Pacers’ players, and one Pacers player in particular, a guy named Paul George, who needs to start playing and acting like a superstar. Now it’s up to them to stop dropping games at home, as they’ve done far too frequently during this latest six-game losing streak, time for them to take stock in the fact that there’s way too much talent here to continue erecting this monument to NBA mediocrity.

If they were looking to be bailed out by their team president, Larry Bird, they walked away from trade-deadline day sorely disappointed. Bird tried to make moves to bolster this team, especially the hole at two-guard and the lack of rebounding, but as we said a few weeks back, it was going to be a difficult trick to turn.


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