Man visiting Indy talks about being shot several times

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – An Indianapolis native back home for the holidays is recovering tonight from more than a half dozen gunshot wounds.
Damont Maye-Nickson has seen his own troubles before, turned his life around and now hopes police can find out who opened fire on him.

On the night of the shooting the victim spent most of the evening in downtown Indianapolis. He spearheaded a free seminar at iICON Lounge on Market Street. The 37-year-old sent out about 30 invitations but more than three times that many people showed up for the event. He and his business partners even used Facebook to show the event LIVE on social media.

Maye-Nickson shared with Eyewitness News that he had no way of knowing the evening would end with him being shot seven times.

“I heard Pow, Pow, pow, pow, pow. I heard at least 15 shots”, said Damont Maye-Nickson. He returned to Indy for the holidays and now for recovery for the multiple gunshot wounds that should have claimed his life.

Damont Maye-Nickson said, “Two of the bullets hit my chest. One of them grazed my head. I have six staples in the back of my head. Then there are four bullets across my back”.

On the night of December 29th Damont drove home around midnight another driver opened fire on him at 22nd and MLK. He managed to keep driving and actually get away from the shooter which he believes was in some type of pick up truck.

“Apparently they hit me from the back. I didn’t even know that they pulled up next to me. So I kept going straight”, said Maye-Nickson.

Damont drove here to BBQ Heaven where the owner and his staff kept him alive. He got out of his rental car, spoke to the owner who was about to lock the door for closing, stumbled up the stairway and collapsed on the floor of the restaurant customer lobby.

Restaurant owner Ronald Jones said, “We called 911 and tried to comfort him a little bit until they got here”.

Damont Maye-Nickson considers himself beloved by many. But he definitely no stranger to the law. He made headlines in the Indianapolis Recorder for helping ex-offenders after serving time himself on drug charges, receiving stolen goods and resisting law enforcement.

The 37-year-old also survived getting hit by a bullet reportedly during random shooting back in 2001 outside a nightclub called The Mecca located then on Lafayette Road on Indy’s northwest side.

Now he is trying to figure out why anyone would do him harm. Maye-Nickson explained to Eyewitness News that if anyone was upset possibly over investment monies lost in the past in a business venture for example, talking would be the way to resolve it.

“I am not sure I am at odds with anyone in the city enough to kill me”, said Maye-Nickson.

If you have any information that could help in this case call crime stoppers at 317-262-TIPS. IMPD Robbery unit continues to investigate the incident hoping to catch a break in the case.

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