Memorial Children’s Hospital holds “Service of Remembrance” on Sunday


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Memorial Children’s Hospital held its annual “Service of Remembrance” on Sunday.

This service is for people who have experienced a loss at Memorial Children’s Hospital.

That includes children all the way from birth through 18.

A children’s choir performed during the service.

The names of the loved ones lost were also read. This is an important time for families to remember and grieve. It is also just important for the staff members who helped care for these families and children.

“In some ways we don’t get to see that continuation of people stories. We see this big event that happens and they lose someone they care about very much and it is all sad and then they leave and we don’t get to see how they are doing and how life has gone on,” said Sarah Samson.

After the ceremony, families were able to enjoy food and participate in crafts.

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