Notre Dame’s Men’s Basketball runs drills with SB Police Department


South Bend– We’re only a month away from the start of college basketball, but that doesn’t mean the Notre Dame men’s basketball team can’t get some practice.
Instead of taking the floor at the Joyce Center, the Irish made their way to the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Center in South Bend.

Not only did they ride the bus, but they were led by a police escort, where they pulled up to see dozens of kids waiting to greet them.

“I told my team we get police escorts when you win in the NCAA Tournament,” said Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey. “We haven’t won anything yet and we got an escort,” Brey continued with a grin.

Notre Dame had some help running their drills with the South Bend Police Department, who threw on some basketball gear and took to the hardwood.

“Hopefully we’re going to compel them to get on the road to the Final Four and hopefully bring home that championship this time and maybe with our help that will happen,” said South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski.

During the drills, the Irish showed off their usual athleticism. Meanwhile, the police officers.. Well, they actually did pretty well themselves.
“I loved it. I’m just glad I didn’t hurt any of the police officers or they’d give me a speeding ticket,” said Brey. “But they’re pretty good. They’re passing the ball, they’re moving. I thought we had a lot of fun. They got in a good workout.”

After the drills, kids who attended the practice got to show off their skills while shooting free throws for the chance to win some Under Armour basketball gear.

The Irish then had an autograph session and after the kids got their autographs, they even went to play some one on one with the officers.

“Yeah it was pretty cool,” said Kyrin McClatchey, who attends Dickinson Middle School. “They had some pretty lock up defense but it was alright.”

Giving back to the local community is nothing new for Notre Dame or the South Bend Police Department. And it’s something they will hope to continue to do as the basketball season goes on.

“We’ll do some more outreach where I want to get the community and the police back up to some games now and then get them in our locker room after the game,” said Brey. “This needs to be something we stay with through our basketball season.”

And after seeing some of the skill on the court, maybe one of the kids will be playing for Brey in the near future.

“It was cool, it makes you think you could be there and do what you want to do,” said McCatchey. “[You could] become a college player or play basketball for Notre Dame if you wanted to so I think it’s really cool.”

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