Michiana makes most of winter ‘break’ Michiana makes most of winter ‘break’


SOUTH BEND (WNDU) — Unseasonably warm weather thawed mounds of snow across Michiana on Monday, a week after bone-chilling temperatures cancelled school.

“Kind of makes you forget when it’s this warm that it was that cold,” remarked Ann Creary, who spent the day after Christmas visiting friends at the Chocolate Cafe.

Ann’s son, Malachi Dickens, broke out his new gift — a diary, drawing up a storm instead of playing outside. But, the fifth-grader at Jefferson Intermediate had his reasons.

“There’s slush out there. I don’t like stepping in the wet,” said Malachi.

Too old for puddle jumping, Dickens doesn’t mind the winter reprieve.

“You can take your dog out on a walk and go on runs!” he listed.

Walking around Downtown were Alice Geglio and her boyfriend, Frank Feger.

“It’s weird — it feels like springtime,” said Geglio, conceding: “It’s a beautiful day for a walk.”

“It’s pretty refreshing,” Feger agreed. “I was starting to sweat a little bit with my jacket on.”

Kevin Paidle was thinking twice about wearing multiple layers in the morning.

“It’s getting kind of hot!” he exclaimed. “It’s nice, gorgeous outside.”

Alexander Avtgis was springing forward, sporting a sweatshirt, gym shorts, and sock-less moccasins.

“I’m trying to inspire others to wear shorts,” joked Avtgis, of Bloomington. “(My winter clothes) are actually in a Kia Rondo right now, and I didn’t want to unpack.”

Inevitably, the chill will return.

“I’m gonna say 3.5 days,” predicted 11-year-old Malachi Dickens.

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