Nu Black Power Movement teaches local youth meaning of Kwanzaa


SOUTH BEND, Ind. Sunday was the last day of Kwanzaa and to mark the occasion, one group taught the meaning of the holiday to local kids.

The Nu Black Power Movement of South Bend hosted a Kwanzaa youth celebration Monday night, where kids learned the meaning and history behind the African holiday.

Blu Casey, the president of Nu Black Power Movement, said, “It’s something that’s real deep in the culture of black history and our people. I see so many movements in our community are led by people who are so progressive, so I thought the only way to make a real change is with the youth. Start teaching the youth about Kwanzaa, about our history, and they’ll grow up and feel like they have a purpose.”

The founders of the movement stress their name is an acronym for “Neighborhoods United Building Leaders And Community Knowledge.”

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