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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Purdue University program will offer marketing managers the opportunity to learn how to powerfully and strategically direct their organizations’ marketing efforts.

Executive Agri-Marketing, hosted by Purdue’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business, will be held Aug. 15-17 in West Lafayette. Participants will learn to position and influence their companies and gain a deeper understanding of their clients’ needs based on the results of Purdue’s Large Commercial Producer Survey.

The program is taught by marketing experts Scott Downey, associate center director and associate professor of agricultural economics, and Justin Funk, managing partner of Canada’s Agri Studies Inc. They will focus in part on the difference between what customers already think about companies versus what companies want customers to think. Participants will work through what their customers need, how their organizations meet those needs and how they can share that message.

Executive Agri-Marketing is targeted specifically to marketing managers and leaders responsible for making marketing decisions and directing their companies’ marketing strategies, including branding, product management and strategic direction. It includes sessions on:

* The discipline of segmentation.

* Aligning the organization around the customer experience.

* Marketing decision tools.

* Putting ideas to work.

Included is a panel of marketing experts from a variety of industries who will give participants insights into best practices and lessons they can learn from industries outside agriculture.

Prospective participants must apply for this program. More information and applications are available at http://agribusiness.purdue.edu/Agri-Marketing. Registration fees (payable after the application is accepted) are $2,245 per person by July 15. After that, they increase to $2,395 per person.

The program will be at the Beck Agricultural Center, 4540 U.S. 52 W., West Lafayette. 

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