RACCHEL’S CHILDREN with its partnerships and resources provides strong, effective grass roots support for Women and children. Since 2000 they have been serving diverse communities with humanitarian shipments, scholarships, micro loans, orphanage support, structural rebuilding, women’s empowerment programs, educational allowances, agricultural support, dentistry and healthcare opportunities to bring hope and health to those we serve in around the world.  

Like most humanitarian organizations, RACCHELS children depends on charitable donations to complete and maintain its projects and programs.  On Saturday February 23, 2019 a 6:00 PM, the mobile app GIVELIFY will host the benefit “Indiana Love Africa.”  The  venue for this fundraising event is HOPE Worship Center at 6851 N. Michigan Road here in Indianapolis, IN.  

RACCELS Children’s name is its mission.  The acronym stands for Reaching African and Caribbean Children with Health, Education and Love.   Its motto is “Changing lives one village at a time”.  Our current focus is the Village of Moses Town in Liberia, West Africa. We operate in our villages in phases.  The first phase is to provide clean water if there is none.  The second is a latrine or clean toileting and the third is education.  The need for medical care is ongoing.   We have already provided the clean water with a bored well in December 2018. We are scheduled for the latrine in March 2019. The ground breaking for a Learning Center that will serve women and girls in is set for June/ July 2019.  

Racchel’s Children international outreach has been in existence for 18 years, beginning in the year 2000. Made possible primarily by its founder, CEO and Humanitarian Missionary, Emma Rose Sanders, her family and local church. Sponsoring at least two trips a year, every dollar raised or spent has gone towards shipping 40-foot trailers with supplies averaging $10,000 to $12,000 per shipment and ministering to the needs of the Liberian people spiritually and physically.

At this writing she is preparing a 40 ft container shipment of much needed equipment, materials clothing and shoes, into Liberia.  The cost for the shipping and  customs clearance of the container is estimated to be $7,000 Yet  RACCHELS Children ships 2-3 times annually. For this shipment she has asked for soap,  dish soap, laundry peanut butter, underwear for women and children.  For the recently completed mission compound Emma is needing a 5-8 KVA generator, a compressor, TIG Welder, and for current and future projects in Liberia Wes Africa one big ticket item; an excavator 345 or higher.   

If you would like to donate to Racchel’s Children Ministries please join us at Hope Worship Center, at 6851 N. Michigan Road on Saturday, February 23rd at 6:00PM for Indiana Loves Africa Day, a Liberia Missions Fundraising.  Donations can also be made for the orphanages/shelter, Clean Wells, Education and Medical Supplies or Shoes and Clothing through the Givelify App for Racchel’s Children.

Even if you cant make the event on Saturday,  February 23, at 6pm. Givelify has made it possible for you to donate to this effort. The signature tap. Give. Done, app will work for you.  Just look up RACCHELS Children and Tap.  

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