SB mom to be tried for killing one child and leaving another comatose


SOUTH BEND – A South Bend mother accused of killing her 11-month-old son will go on trial this week.
The case against 22-year-old Nyesha Crockett also alleges that she caused serious injuries to a young daughter that left the child comatose.

The legal proceedings began today with jury selection. During one single trial, jurors will be asked to consider Crockett’s alleged criminal behavior during two separate incidents involving two separate children.

Back in 2014, in a span of about seven months, emergency calls were made to report that two separate children of Crockett’s had stopped breathing.

On August 30th, 2014, it was 11 month old Micahyah who died the next day from swelling of the brain consistent with suffocation.

Only after the incident involving Micahyah, did authorities re-examine an earlier report that was originally classified as an accident.

On February 1, 2014, Crockett’s then 14 month old daughter Alaiyah was found not breathing and rushed to the hospital.

At the time, Crockett allegedly told doctors that she put Alaiyah down to sleep and left the room. When she returned she found Alaiyah had wrapped a scarf around her neck and was not breathing.
According to court documents, Alaiyah suffered extensive brain injuries and was last reported to be in a vegetative state.

Today, prosecutors indicated that they have three hours and 40 minutes of videotaped statements that Crockett gave police back in 2014.

Charging documents allege that in both cases Crockett was angry because the father of the children left the home to go out with friends.

Crockett allegedly sent several text messages to the father, including one that read, “Come get him before I hurt him.”

In the videotaped statements, Crockett also allegedly admits that she lied about the circumstances of Alaiyah’s injuries. Instead, Crockett stated that she was mad at the child’s father for leaving her alone (even though two other adults were home at the time). She stated that she used the scarf to strangle Alaiyah until the girl stopped breathing—panicked and called 911.

A second day of jury selection was scheduled for Tuesday with testimony to start Wednesday morning and conclude on Friday or Monday.

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