Sculpture in South Bend will honor Fr. Hesburgh and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


SOUTH BEND, Ind. South Bend city leaders hope a new sculpture will bring more foot traffic and more harmony to downtown.

Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Buttigieg and supporters announced they will place a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Father Theodore Hesburgh at Leighton Plaza.

The two men were photographed in 1964 joining hands in song during a rally at Soldier Field.

The project, which is titled We Shall Overcome, will cost around $240,000.

Artist Tuck Langland is commissioned to create the sculpture.

Mayor Buttigieg said, “This is a challenging time for the country and that’s true in every community, including ours. For us to be able to comment on the present by looking at one of our finest moments of our past, I think is going to be something that’ll serve our city well for years to come.”

Langland, who will create the sculpture, said, “A place of solace, kind of a focal point for future events concerning racial equality or concerning honoring those two men. I could see on Martin Luther King Day, meeting here. Where else?”

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