South Bend man passes out flags to unify Americans


Let’s face it everybody. This election season has been rough. It’s created such a huge divide between Trump and Clinton supporters, but one South Bend man wants to close the gap and bring everyone together as Americans just in time for election day.

“Hey, grab a flag man!” Tim Bennet said to a man walking by his house.

If you’ve driven down Manchester Drive, you may have been “flagged down” by Tim Bennett.

“Free flags! Get a free flag!” He shouted at passing cars.

After taking one from his flag garden, he’ll remind you exactly where it came from.

“That’s not dirt on there. That’s good American soil!” He told a Domino’s delivery driver. “That’s not dirt. That is good American soil!” He told another car full of people. “No, it’s not dirty! It’s good American soil!” he repeated.

Being so patriotic, people are always asking him for his opinions.

“They want to know who I’m voting for,” Bennett said. “Which, not gonna happen.”

He learned just how great America is when he served in the military and came back after being deployed.

“I kissed the ground!” Bennett said. “And a lot of people don’t come home. I was able. I came home. A lot of veterans aren’t able to come home.”

Now he’s taking his appreciation for the country and is trying to provide a good source of patriotism when the country needs it most.

“Right now, everything’s negative,” Bennett said. “Negative TV ads, everyone’s- it’s so divided. This may be the opportunity to make someone smile, forget about the negative stuff and embrace our country.”

And while it doesn’t always go well…

“It’s funny, because sometimes you get the ‘state bird.'” Bennett said.

Bennett likes the interaction that comes with passing out the flags.

“You can go buy a flag,” Bennett said. “You can get one. I just want to have that connection.”

There are still plenty of connections to be made. He started with 500 flags, so until they’re gone, you’re welcome to walk by and pick one out of the lawn until they’re gone.

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