South Bend smoking ban goes into effect


It may be time to leave your cigarettes at home, because the South Bend smoking ban went into effect Monday.

Places have had to make some changes to accommodate the ordinance and they aren’t happy.

Those for the ban are happy the air might be a little cleaner in public.

When you walk into a public building, you won’t see any ash trays, smoke hanging in the air, or flames flickering off of lighters.

“We think it’s going to be a lot healthier in the city of South Bend.” South Bend Common Council At Large Representative Gavin Ferlic said.

But what you will see are angry smokers.

Along with not being able to smoke indoors, there are some limitations outside. The ordinance says 15 feet from any public building, vent, window, anywhere it can get inside but you won’t have to use a tape measure like I did to see if it’s okay to smoke.

The 15 foot rule isn’t an exact science. You don’t need a marker exactly 15 feet away from the building. It’s a lot more relaxed than that. As long as you’re just a couple of paces away from the door or a vent or a window, you’ll be fine.

“They’re pretty reasonable,” Ferlic said. “So as long as you’re away from an entrance or an open window, you know, a number of paces away, I don’t think they’re going to be out with tape measures.”

but even though it is a pretty relaxed rule, that doesn’t mean all businesses are happy with not being to smoke indoors.

“I think that South Bend city had a lot more options that they could have offered us, such as offering us a permit for 500 dollars a year for a 21 bar/smoking bar.” Murphy’s Backyard Pub Owner Mike Jolly said.

Rather than looking at the business side, the council is focused more on the health side of South Bend.

Some places are used to one way and aren’t big into changing everything around.

“It’s like my second home,” Jolly said. “How would you feel if they came into your house and said “You can’t smoke!” This is my house.”

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