Indianapolis, In.  The America Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it is supporting the development of the Black history Museum of Indianapolis as well as the Diversity Hall of Fame.  “This is natural for us.” Stated Joe Newman, ABA Co-Founder.  “The ABA is the most diversified professional sports league in the US with over 75% of our owners being African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Women and Native American.  Diversity is at the heart and soul of the ABA.” 

 The project is being spearheaded by Rickie Clark, President and CEO of The Diversity Hall of Fame, which will also include a traveling museum.  ‘We are all about diversity, inclusion and multi0-culturalism.”  Added Clark.  “We espouse equal opportunity for all and our Diversity Hall of Fame will show conclusively how important diversity is to America and the world.”

 Clark is a graduate of North Central High School—Indianapolis, Rickie went on to pursue music and broadcasting from Ball State University and IUPUI.  Rickie also received certification from the Humble School of Deception and Milwaukee Technical College in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

A year into college, Rickie Clark had already begun a careers as an on air personality for Indianapolis radio station WTLC.  He was voted disc jockey of the year in a 1972 poll taken by Billboard Magazine.  In 1978, Rickie founded and became president of Circle City International Record Company.  In 1980 Rickie merged his record company, Circle City Records, with Tyscot Records, a gospel music label.  Records produced by the company were distributed nationally by Becket Records, a New York firm.  During this period of his career, Rickie wrote and/or produced many songs. Rickie has worked with such artists as Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, After Seven, Blue Magic and James Brown.

 In the fall of 1991, Rickie Clark helped create and put on the air, hip-hop radio station WHHH-FM, then later both smooth jazz WYJZ and WDNI-TV.  Rickie was the publisher/CEO/founder of Indiana Minority Business Magazine and Directory, Indiana Parenting Magazine, the Street Language Dictionary, and the youth magazine Hip Hop Chatter.  In spring of 1993, Rickie created Indiana Minority Business Directory. Because of the success of the directory and at the request of both small and minority businesses, the Indiana Minority Business Magazine was created in January 2004.

In addition to his Radio/TV and music careers, Rickie served as a member of the Indianapolis Police

Department from 1977 to 1994 in various areas as a police officer and as a prominent detective.  He worked in such areas as the street patrol, accident investigations, vice, community affairs, the Mayor’s office, and gang unit.  Rickie was also the co-founder of the Fairness in Law Enforcement (FILE), the local chapter of the National Black Police Association.

 “The black History Museum of Indianapolis will be different from any other black history museum in that it will recognize every African-American, past, present or in the future for the contributions he or she has made.” Commented Clark.  “The theme is “You Deserve a Place in History and the BHM will feature plaques and displays from everyone who would like to be recognized as well as displaying artifacts from those who have achieved fame like Amos Brown, Madame C.J. Walker, and Julia Carson. 

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