This Elton John Christmas ad hits every emotional note

A week before Thanksgiving, plenty of Christmas commercials have already hit the airwaves.

But none of them hold a candle to an ad released Thursday in England.

The commercial from John Lewis & Partners, an upscale retail chain in London, features Sir Elton John playing his 1970 hit “Your Song” on a living room piano in a scene that slowly pans back through his illustrious career as a performer.

From playing the song in an arena setting to the raucous crowd of a stadium show, John gets younger as the two-plus-minute video plays on, providing a perfect retrospective on his career. The cheers of the stadium give way to a quieter, private performance on an airplane and in a lounge setting.

Going back to John’s childhood, he performs at a family party, then a piano recital before the commercial shows a very young boy opening a new piano for Christmas.

As the boy pokes at the keys, the scene shifts back to the present, showing John playing a a note before closing the same piano as the message “Some gifts are more than just a gift” appears on the screen.

The commercial has been viewed more than five million times since it was posted by an English radio station early Thursday.

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