Time to get your flu shot


South Bend, Indiana. Flu season is well on its way and now is the time to get your flu shot. The CDC has recommended against the use of the inhaled nasal form of the flu vaccine. They say the problem is that it was not as effective as originally hoped.

So, you have two shot options this year. The first has three strains of influenza and the other has four. Dr. Rob Riley with Memorial Family Medicine says either shot is adequate for the flu season that is expected.

He says anyone over the age of six months is recommended to get a flu shot. Most insurance companies will cover the cost.

Dr. Riley says now is the time to get the shot because it takes your immune system a little while to ramp up. He says it takes about two weeks for the full effectiveness of the flu shot to be apparent.

Every year, people say they don’t want the flu shot because they get the flu from it but doctors say that is just not true.

“The truth is you can’t get influenza from the flu shot. So, it really is just bad timing that we have to get flu shots at this time of year when we are seeing an outbreak, usually of different kinds of viruses too,” explains Dr. Riley.

He says this is also a great time to check up on other immunizations. Some people are candidates for a pneumonia shot. It is usually for people over the age 65 or who have chronic illnesses. Also, looking into your tetanus shot is important. You get those every 10 years.

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