Vice President-elect Pence speaks at Indiana inaugural ball in Washington, D.C. before inauguration

WASHINGTON — On the eve of the inauguration, Vice President-elect Mike Pence spoke candidly and emotionally in front of many of the Hoosiers who helped him get elected.

Pence attended the Indiana inaugural ball hosted by the Indiana Society of Washington, D.C. They’ve hosted the ball every inauguration since 1916, but understandably, it’s a much bigger deal this year with Pence in attendance.

In fact, all 1,000 tickets to the ball, which took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, sold out within one hour.

Pence is the latest vice president to come from Indiana since Dan Quayle took the office in 1989. In fact, Quayle was in attendance.

At another event Thursday night, Trump told his campaign donors, “The next time we’re going to win the old-fashioned way” because of how he and his cabinet will have performed. He also joked about the rain in the forecast for his inauguration.

“It may rain, it may nor rain. I don’t care…it may pour but people will know it’s my real hair.”

Pence spoke about his ideals and said he was grateful to the State of Indiana and all Hoosiers.

He choked up as he discussed the bittersweet election and said he was going to “bring Hoosier common sense to Washington.”

Bobby Knight was also spotted at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, but did not speak at the event.

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