Woman calls 911 after hearing “baby” crying inside donation box

AVON, Ind.  – Julie Potter thought it was going to be a quick stop to drop off clothes Monday morning at a Special Olympics donation box in Avon.

Instead, Potter ended up on the phone with 911.

“I’m here in front of the Hobby Lobby in Avon and I was dropping off some clothes and I can hear a baby crying down in this drop off,” Potter told the dispatcher.

Potter, a mom and grandma, has had plenty of experience with crying babies. She knows what they sound like, but had never heard one inside a donation box.

“You could just hear the crying and the swishing around,” Potter said.

“Then it like stopped for a second and then it started all over again, the crying and the rustling around,” said Potter.

“I just thought ‘we gotta get her out of here, we gotta get the baby out of here’.”

Potter stayed on the phone with 911 the entire time while she waited for police to get to the shopping plaza. She said every second that it took seemed to drag on forever.

She also tried to get inside the bin because she wanted to check on the baby. She wasn’t tall enough, she said.

“I’m here by myself in a panic and I’m like ‘what more can I do’?” Potter said.

“I couldn’t get in there, I would never fit and there was nothing else I could do but wait.”

So that’s what Potter did, waited and worried about the baby she could hear crying.

“We knew it was crying, but didn’t know what kind of shape it would be in when you got it out or anything,” said Potter.

“They got here, the first responders, they were here in like 5 minutes,” Potter said.

When a medic jumped up to look inside the donation box, what he found was the last thing anyone was expecting.

“He saw it was a doll,” said Potter.

You read that right. A doll.

“It sounded so real,” said Potter.

“Even the medic on scene said that he thought it was real when he first got here and then he had looked inside of the box and saw that it was fake,” said Avon Police Officer Eric Hollingsworth.

“I just never heard anything like that except a real baby,” said Potter.

“Better safe than sorry,” said Hollingsworth.

“I’d do it again if I came up on that situation because I’d rather be safe than sorry,” Potter added.

In the end, there’s only thing Potter ended up feeling foolish about doing.

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